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Rabi Lamichhane obtained Nepali citizenship on Sunday

To reclaim his parliamentary seat, he will need to be re-elected in a by-election in a few months.

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KATHMANDU: Former Deputy Prime Minister Rabi Lamichhane on Sunday reacquired his citizenship certificate.

He went to the district administration office Kathmandu on Sunday and received the Nepali citizenship certificate as the necessary form for retrieving the Nepali citizenship certificate.

Lamichhane also lost the presidency of the Rastriya Swatantra Party as a result of the order.

He is certain to reclaim his post once he regains his citizenship.

He took the certificate of Nepali citizenship after the Supreme Court decided on Jan 27 that his Nepali citizenship certificate was no longer valid and his position as MP, minister and party chairman was revoked.

To reclaim his parliamentary seat, he will need to be re-elected in a by-election in a few months.

Analysts believe a controversy over his dual citizenship could prevent him from running for reelection.

Lamichhane’s status as a member of the House of Representatives was revoked by the Supreme Court on Friday, citing his lack of valid Nepali citizenship.

According to the Constitutional Bench, his failure to re-acquire Nepali citizenship after renouncing his US citizenship barred him from becoming a national legislator.

After the court’s decision, Lamichhane resigned from the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister on Friday. He was elected from Chitwan Constituency-2 in the election held on Nov 20.

He took Nepali citizenship in 2050 and went to the United States to take American citizenship. After taking American citizenship, his Nepali citizenship was automatically revoked according to the law.

However, after renouncing American citizenship, he did not follow the process of regaining Nepali citizenship according to the law.