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Janakpur is decorated like a bride [Photos]

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JANAKPURDHAM: OCT. 8 – At this time, Janakpur is decorated like a bride. Various temples of Janakpur have been decorated like a bride on the occasion of the great Hindu festival of Dashain.

Preparations for Dashain, which started on Thursday, have been going on in Janakpurdham for a month already.

The Rajdevi temple, the main temple of Janakpur, known as the family goddess of King Janak, has been specially decorated with glitter.

Similarly, various Temple including Bouddhimai Temple, Amarkhana Mai Temple, Sonasti Temple are also decorated in a very attractive manner.

In Janakpurdham’s Murali Chowk, Ram Chowk, Ramananda Chowk and Brahmarshi Chowk, it is customary to make a grand pandal by installing a statue of Goddess Durga and perform special worship throughout Navaratri.