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Local level needs and leadership

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Elections are the essence of democracy, providing the people with the opportunity to select the party and representatives they prefer. Elections also confer legitimacy on the people’s representatives to govern for a set period of time. Elections on a regular basis keep democracy moving.

The country has transitioned from a unitary to a federal system, and elections at the federal, state and local levels have been held and practised. Sustainable development of the concerned level is only possible through the initiative, participation, and accountability of the people themselves, as the concerned level is more knowledgeable and responsible about the needs, challenges, and possibilities of the local level from delivering Singha Durbar services to the doorsteps.  The development and prosperity of each local level is the development and prosperity of the nation as a whole.

Following the success of the first local level election, the country is gearing up for the second. The election’s political activism is increasing, which is natural because the local leadership has the egoistic responsibility and capacity to elevate the educational, economic, social, cultural, and environmental sectors at the local level by taking the leadership for six years. As a result, concrete programs of social transformation must be implemented by advancing good governance and development at the local level in light of issues of daily concern to the people, local needs, available resources, capacity, and potential, rather than failing to fulfil one’s political aspirations by confusing the people with political funds unrelated to daily life.

Every citizen understands that a country’s development and prosperity are only possible because of its people’s will, courage, enthusiasm, and hard work. The country was built entirely by its ancestors. Any level of government is not merely a means to an end. As a result, today, a joint resolution of nation building between the means and the means is required. The foundation for which should be laid down at the local level. The time has come to forge one’s own identity and self-esteem in one’s own environment, rather than bearing the burden of inherited self-esteem.

Every citizen understands that a country’s development and prosperity are only possible because of its people’s will, courage, enthusiasm, and hard work. The country was built entirely by its ancestors. Any level of government is not merely a means to an end.

The time has come to embark on the path of economic prosperity by standing on the ground of rights gained through political achievements. Economic prosperity is the only way to meet people’s aspirations. Let us now briefly consider some of the concrete things that can be done in light of the potential and potential of the local level: –

Good governance: Did Singha Durbar reach from house to house? Well, how and to what extent has the service provided by the local government been made easier for the people? How many people regard their local government as their own, how many people regard their people’s representative as comfortable, or even Singh went from house to house with the palace? How was it possible for people to participate in local affairs? How transparent are the plans? How much impartiality was maintained in the flow of administrative services, and what efforts were made to do so? Following consideration of these issues, the determination and determination to change as needed should be sought in local leadership.

Health: – The main sector that can give the impression of government to the local people is health. What steps have been taken to ensure that local residents have easy access to health care? It is necessary to examine the efforts made by government health institutions to provide quality services to private health institutions, as well as the number of patients who visit public hospitals and the number of private clinics that close. The challenge and responsibility of the local leadership now is to transform the public hospital into a physical, technological, easily accessible resource, and even behavioural transformation so that the local people can receive free, comfortable, and quality treatment.

Education: Education up to secondary level falls under the jurisdiction of local government. So how much has the public educational institution been strengthened in the past, how much has the number of students studying in the public educational institution increased, how many private schools have been closed? In this context, the local leadership needs to resolve to give a sense of change to the people by creating an environment of equality and equal access to education by considering the policies and programs at the local level.

Employment and Entrepreneurship: The right to work is enshrined as a fundamental right in Nepal’s Constitution of 2072 BS. Many young people, however, are still forced to travel abroad to sell their labor. What efforts have been made to create jobs on a local level? What is the plan at the local level to stop the youth from going abroad for wages? How much has the number of foreigners for employment been reduced? Reviewing what work has been done to benefit from the skills and experience of returning from abroad, what programs have been completed to enhance the skills and abilities of the youth, to keep the rural economy afloat, to make every family entrepreneurial in the productive sector based on local potential through local capital formation, by connecting every farmer with government grants, loans and assistance, commercializing subsistence agriculture, knowledge technology and local government can manage the market, every household can be transformed into an industry. Employment is created in every household. And the farmer builds an office in a room of the house, coordinates from the office, puts on a suit and sits in the office chair, opens the suit and is ready to do other work of industry with his co-worker (like cutting grass, feeding grain, cultivating farm, milking cows and buffaloes). This is the need to build the identity of the farmer in today’s definition of socialism.

We are born in the land of the gods. We can worship the God of our faith by erecting a stone. As a result, the local government should consider constructing a wall service center, senior citizen center, recreation center, and playground at that cost.

Employment is also being created by various private organizations and businessmen. Even on a private contract basis, even if the organizations provide the value of labor, they can ensure that they are in accordance with the Labor Act, keep their records, issue identity cards and provide certain types of insurance, loan facility and other facilities, whether transportation or daily wage, Labor is respected and all areas are organized and everyone feels professional security which makes the profession dignified and also helps in personality development. Even its possibilities need to be studied at the local level.

Tourism sector: – Tourism is one of the main business to increase local resources. Numerous preconditions have been created for the development of tourism which we can see everywhere. Somewhere welcome, somewhere temples and view towers on our skyscrapers. Has the development of this tourism infrastructure enabled the local tourism sector to take the form of a business or not? What kind of internal or external tourists are to be targeted while the tourism infrastructure is being constructed? How long a tourist’s stay can be extended, how to create an environment where he can spend, everything has to be taken in parallel to the aggregate and only one hill view tower can be connected to the hearth of the marginalized people. If not, the tourists who come to the tourist area, which is built by investing millions, in fifty vehicles, return after eating noodles, chowmein and Coca-Cola. What do the local people get? Residents of the area will be able to reap the benefits only if they are able to wash the car dust but sell the same locally produced goods.

On the other hand, monasteries are being built at a cost of millions. We are born in the land of the gods. We can worship the God of our faith by setting up a stone. Therefore, the local leadership needs to think about building a wall service center, senior citizen center, re-creation center and playground at that cost.

Infrastructure development without environmental impact assessment, especially unmanaged road expansion due to which natural calamities like floods, landslides and erosion are causing huge loss of life and property every year. Achieving the goals of sustainable development by managing and regulating it along with infrastructure development and nature conservation is also a challenge of the local government.

Mutual support by bringing about changes in the local language, culture and traditions, social criminal activities in the name of these rites and culture, social discrimination, gender discrimination, feudal style and behavior of individuals and change in governing thinking and style of people’s representatives and employees, there is a challenge in the local body to build a prosperous and proud society based on harmony, brotherhood and respect for each other – respect for faith, respect for caste, religion, language and culture, mutual trust and social unity of rights and duties. Yes, let’s seek assurance and commitment of these things in the forthcoming elections, in the candidates coming to the local level who can pave the way for strengthening the foundation of the nation through social unity by making the society capable and self-reliant.