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The habit of working with a laptop on your lap can lead to infertility!

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Agency: Work from home was established as a culture during the epidemic of Covid-19. Although the situation has become somewhat easier with the availability of laptops, almost everyone is working from home, which is why the use of laptops is increasing.

But no one knows that too much use of laptops can affect reproductive health! Using a laptop all day can have a bad effect on the body. Doctors say that the hot air coming out of the laptop affects our skin. He said that the problem of infertility would increase if this process was followed for a long time.

However, there is more risk from the Wi-Fi connected to it than from the laptop, as radiation is associated with an Internet connection. One expert explains the effects of laptop reproductive health problems and how to avoid them.

According to experts, too much use of laptops can lead to sperm problems. It affects the reproductive organs of men who work with a laptop in their lap. According to various studies, laptop radiation reduces the number of sperm. This problem can deprive you of child happiness. Computer companies are also advising people not to work with laptops in their laps, but people are not paying attention to it.

Excessive use of laptops is a long process of becoming infertile. Excessive use of it can lead to a decrease in sperm count, its abnormal size and problems with its appearance. Doctors say that this problem will not occur if you use it only for half an hour a day.

Doctors say that men have more problems than women. Doctors say that you should not work even with your feet. They suggest putting the laptop on the table and taking a break if you have to work for a long time.