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England waiting to beat Germany after 55 years but ahead of Germany in statistics

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KATHMANDU: JUNE 29 – At Wembley Stadium, England will face Germany in the knockout stages of a major tournament (Euro / World Cup) for the first time since 1960. England, who won the World Cup 55 years ago by beating Germany in the final, will be waiting for the same result at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday night.

English coach Gareth Southgate says, ”about this much-awaited game which will have about 40,000 spectators it’s a really incredible moment.” But the Three Lions team is not comfortable for England. England has only been able to advance from the knockout stages of the Euro once. England has won just one of five matches in the main competition.

England, who had beaten Spain on penalties in 1996, lost to Germany on penalties in the semi-finals. It was England’s biggest defeat at home stadium. “We don’t want to carry things from the past, because there’s a new generation and we’re going to make history,” Southgate said. He said that most of the people of the present generation were not born at that time and that England was able to defeat Germany. “It’s not just about reaching the quarterfinals, it’s about making a new history,” he said. But it’s a game‚ its a decision that can only be done in the field. ‘

What does the German coach say?

Germany coach Joachim Löw has said that the mistake of the group stage should not be repeated in the game against England. He said that since England was a strong and organized team, it would be costly for the German team to repeat the mistake of the group stage. Stating that their performance against Hungary in the group stage was poor, coach Lo said that the team was facing the challenge of maintaining its strong rhythm in the game against England.

He expressed confidence that the players would show their potential and maintain the rhythm of Germany as they did in the game against Portugal.

England-Germany in the main competition

England won the 1966 World Cup final 4-2

1970 World Cup quarterfinals Germany won 3-2

1990 World Cup semifinals 1-1 (4-3 penalty) Germany wins

1996 Euro semifinals 1-1 (6-5 penalty) Germany wins

2010 World Cup knockout stage 4-1 Germany wins


This is the third meeting between England and Germany in the European Championship. England, who lost 6-5 in a penalty shootout to Germany in the 1996 semi-finals, went on to win 1-0 in the group stage in 2000.

This is the 13th meeting between England and Germany at Wembley. England has won just four of their last six games, including the 1966 World Cup.

This is England’s 300th game at Wembley. England has won 187 of those games so far. In which England is unbeaten in 14 games of Euro and World Cup.

England has not won a single game in 90 minutes in the European Championship. The result of 4 games has come through penalties. In which England has won only with Spain (Euro 1996).

Germany has reached the semifinals of the last three European Championships. Since 1996, Germany has reached the knockout stage four times.