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NA meeting postponed due to Congress-CPN discord

The next meeting will be held on Sunday at 1:15 PM.

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KATHMANDU: The National Assembly meeting has been postponed. The announcement was made through a posted notice.

The meeting, scheduled for 1:15 PM today, has been postponed for special reasons, as informed by the Federal Parliament Secretariat.

According to a notice issued by the Secretary-General of the Parliament Secretariat, Padma Prasad Pandey, the next meeting will be held on Sunday at 1:15 PM.

In today’s meeting, Finance Minister Barshaman Pun was to propose the passage of three budget-dependent bills.

The agenda included passing the Financial Bill 2081, the National Debt Collection Bill 2081, and the Customs Duty Bill 2081, which were received from the House of Representatives with a message.

However, the agenda has been affected due to an agreement between two major parties to form a new government.

Additionally, Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Minister Hit Bahadur Tamang was scheduled to propose approval of the amendments made by the House of Representatives on the “Record Protection (First Amendment) Bill 2077.”