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Bahrabise substation construction completed

There are 160 MVA, 132/11 kV and 5 MVA power transformers in the substation with a total capacity of 220/132 kV.

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KATHMANDU: The construction of Bahrabise substation, which is considered important for connecting Sindhupalchwok and surrounding districts to the national power grid, has been completed.

There are 160 MVA, 132/11 kV and 5 MVA power transformers in the substation with a total capacity of 220/132 kV.

Testing of all equipment of the substation based on Gas Insulated System (GIS) technology has been completed. Another substation of 400 kV is also under construction at Bahrabise, it is said.

Under the leadership of Chilime Hydropower Company, a subsidiary of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the power of the 120 megawatt Mid-Bhotekosi hydropower project built in Sindhupalchowk will be connected to this substation.

According to NEA, the Bahrabise substation will be charged using the same electricity after the production of electricity from the Mid-Bhotekosi hydropower project.

During the testing of structures and equipment to start electricity generation from the project, the tunnel is currently being repaired after water leaked from it.

NEA Executive Director Kulman Ghising said that the tunnel repair is being done with the aim of completing it by the second week of August. A high-level delegation including Ghising on Saturday monitored the repair work of the substation, transmission line and tunnel at Madhyabhotekosi and asked the project management and contractor company to complete the entire work before the stipulated time.

In course of the inspection, Executive Director Ghising mentioned that since the construction of Bahrabise substation, there is no problem for the electricity generated from the Mid-Bhotekosi to connect to the national grid.

The power generated from the Mid-Bhotekosi Project would be connected to the Bahrabise substation via the 220 kV transmission line.

The NEA Executive Director Ghising said the Project has already constructed the tower for the around four-kilometre 220 kV single circuit transmission line from the switch yard of the powerhouse up to the Bahrabise substation.

Cable has been stretched on around two kilometres of the transmission line.

According to Ghising, the Project has not been able to fix the cable on the remaining two kilometres due to the protest by the locals of Palanti at Ward Nos 3 and 4 of Bahrabise Municipality.