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Secured Transactions (First Amendment) Bill passed

The parliamentarians discussed the proposal and passed it unanimously.

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KATHMANDU: The National Assembly has unanimously passed the ‘Secured Transactions (First Amendment) Bill, 2080’.

The bill was tabled in today’s meeting of the NA by Finance Minister Barsaman Pun.

MPs Devendra Dahal and Kamala Pant participated in the discussion on the bill.

Responding to questions raised during the discussion on the bill, Finance Minister Pun the bill includes provision for securing people’s daily transactions, it will become more practical and timely with the passage of the bill.

Similarly, in the meeting, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma submitted the 23rd annual report of the National Human Rights Commission and the 5th annual report of the National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission.

The National Assembly will meet again on June 18.