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Construction of ‘Maternity Building’ begins in Bhojpur ward

Local efforts address long-standing healthcare challenges, promising safer maternity services.

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KATHMANDU: Local excitement has been sparked in the difficult terrain of Bhojpur district as construction of a maternity building has commenced in the local ward, providing a much-needed boost.

Previously, the necessity to transport pregnant women to the district hospital using stretchers and baskets amid general delivery services had been a daunting task.

However, with the added facilities in the local village, locals are now encouraged.

Navin Shrestha, a local and ward member, expressed his enthusiasm for the ease in accessing maternity services. “Constructing a maternity center in the village has heightened our spirits,” he stated.

“Previously, there were many challenges when it came to safe deliveries in the village. It was painful, with transportation difficulties and the necessity to carry women on stretchers and baskets. Now, there is optimism that this problem will come to an end.”

Surya Prasad Nepal, the ward chairman, attributed the successful construction of the building to the goal of addressing long-standing local issues. He disclosed that by repeatedly demanding budget allocations from the central government, they achieved success in building the maternity center.

Chair Nepal informed that the construction of the center, within a budget of 2 million, has already commenced. He expressed hopes that once services commence, it will directly benefit the impoverished and underprivileged families in the area.

“After much effort, we have successfully constructed the maternity building,” Chair Nepal declared. “Lack of maternity services here has been a major problem for citizens. But with the building constructed and services initiated, it will bring convenience to the locals.” He assured that the construction work would be completed within the fiscal year.

Despite the commencement of transportation services during the monsoon season, there remains a concern among locals about accessing healthcare services throughout the year.

Particularly, residents of remote areas of the district face the risk of losing lives due to the unavailability of timely maternity services.

Highlighting the fundamental necessity of healthcare as a sensitive issue, local authorities have urged the state to take it seriously.