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Jimny Rara adventure: ‘A Ride with A Cause’ concludes

The Rara Adventure ride took place from Burtibang to Surkhet, via Rara, Jumla, and Kalikot, from Baisakh 23 to 29.

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KATHMANDU: CG Holdings, the official distributor of the Suzuki brand four-wheelers for Nepal, through its automotive divisions CG Motocorp and CG NXTGEN, has successfully concluded the ‘A Ride with A Cause’ adventure with the Jimny Rara Adventure.

The company highlighted that the purpose of the ride was to allow Jimny owners to experience its true capabilities.

Anil Saini, Division Manager of Maruti Suzuki India Limited, emphasized Jimny’s legacy of over five decades and its off-roading prowess, making it a popular lifestyle SUV worldwide.

The Rara Adventure ride took place from Burtibang to Surkhet, via Rara, Jumla, and Kalikot, from Baisakh 23 to 29 (May 5-11).

Starting from Burtibang, the off-road adventure witnessed the participation of ten Jimny vehicles.

Additionally, in a bid to make the ride more meaningful, a contribution of Rs 200,000 was made to Shree Saraswati Basic School in Kalikot, benefiting over 135 students.

One of the participating Jimny customers, Shiva Shrestha, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “It was my desire to visit Rara again, and I purchased Jimny for its off-roading capabilities. This ride allowed me to experience Jimny’s capabilities, and meeting other riders from different regions felt like a family gathering. It was a delightful ride, and I hope similar events will be organized in the future.”

Another Jimny owner, Aditya Thapa, shared, “I have done solo rides many times, but joining Jimny owners in this event added more enjoyment. After purchasing Jimny, I wished to travel on the Karnali Highway, and upon learning about this ride, my dream came true. I express my gratitude to the organizing team for conducting such a well-structured and safe event.”

Dr. Mukunda Joshi, another Jimny owner, also participated in the event. Commenting on the program, Siraj Panta, General Manager of CG Motocorp and CG NXTGEN, emphasized the main feature of off-roading and described it as a lifestyle SUV catering to adventure enthusiasts’ demands. He stated that the primary objective of such events is to allow participants to feel their Jimny’s capabilities and exchange experiences, fostering a community spirit. He also hinted at establishing an adventure club for future endeavors.

Panta expressed gratitude to all participants for making the inaugural event successful.