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Cricketer Lamichhane acquitted of charges

On Wednesday, the Patan High Court acquitted Sandeep Lamichhane in the rape case.

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KATHMANDU: Cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane has been acquitted in the rape case.

On Wednesday, the Patan High Court acquitted Sandeep Lamichhane in the rape case.

Reversing the previous decision of the Kathmandu District Court, the bench of Justice Sudarshandev Bhatta and Anju Upreti decided to acquit Lamichhane.

Gaushala-26 had publicly accused itself of committing repeated sexual assaults in room number 305 of a hotel in Kathmandu on the 21st of Bhadra, 2079 BS (6 Sept, 2022).

The incident was reported to the police, leading to an investigation.

In a recent verdict, Kathmandu District Court Judge Shishiraj Dhakal convicted Sandeep of rape in a case from the month of Poush.

Sandeep has been sentenced to eight years in prison and fined three hundred thousand rupees.

What was the case?

Sandeep Lamichhane, the renowned Nepalese cricketer, has been acquitted of all charges in the rape case that had gripped the nation’s attention for over a year. The Patan High Court delivered a landmark verdict, overturning the earlier conviction by the Kathmandu District Court.

The case, which originated from allegations filed at the Gaushala Police Office on 14 Sept, 2022, had cast a shadow over Lamichhane’s career while he was representing his country in international cricket tournaments. Lamichhane, who was participating in the Caribbean Premier League in the West Indies when the allegations surfaced, found himself embroiled in a legal battle upon his return to Nepal.

After being apprehended at Tribhuvan International Airport, Lamichhane was remanded in custody by the Kathmandu District Court.

Despite being granted bail by the Patan High Court, strict restrictions were imposed, barring him from leaving the country.

However, Lamichhane’s determination to clear his name and continue pursuing his passion for cricket led him to file a writ petition at the Supreme Court, seeking permission to participate in international tournaments. In a significant ruling, a joint bench of Judges Sapana Pradan Malla and Kumar Chudal granted him the authorization to travel abroad.

Following a lengthy legal battle, lasting approximately 14 months, the Patan High Court delivered a verdict exonerating Lamichhane of all charges in the rape case. The decision comes as a relief to Lamichhane, who has consistently maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal.

The verdict not only vindicates Lamichhane but also serves as a reminder of the importance of due process and fair trial in the pursuit of justice. With this legal hurdle behind him, Lamichhane can now focus on his cricketing career, aiming to make significant contributions both on and off the field.