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36 Nepali nationals rescued from captivity in Kashmir (photos inside)

Labourers from Nepal are being brought to Kashmir now by unscrupulous agents.

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KATHMANDU: The rescue of 36 Nepali nationals who were held captive in Kashmir has brought attention to the issue of human trafficking and exploitation in the region.

These individuals, hailing from various villages in Sarlahi, Mahottari, and Dhanusha districts, were lured to Kashmir with promises of decent employment opportunities.

कश्मिरमा बन्धक बनाइएका ३६ नेपालीको उद्धार, २ जना पक्राउ (तस्बिरहरू)

However, upon their arrival, they were coerced into captivity, deprived of their cash, citizenship documents, and mobile phones.

They were subjected to physical abuse, threats, and forced labor, with their basic rights and dignity violated.

On Tuesday, the Nepali Embassy in Delhi, along with the social organization Kin India, coordinated the rescue and relocation of all laborers to Delhi.

Details emerged of the horrific conditions they endured, including physical assault, confiscation of belongings, and threats of violence if they refused to work.

They were even denied proper meals and subjected to hazardous working conditions.

Following a three-month ordeal, the victims were finally liberated with the collaborative efforts of the Nepali Embassy, Jammu and Kashmir Police, Crime Branch, and CRPF.

Notably, two individuals allegedly involved in their trafficking have been apprehended, while others remain at large.

The rescued laborers revealed that they were confined to two rooms, denied basic necessities, and threatened with dire consequences if they attempted to escape or speak out against their captors.

Their harrowing accounts underscore the urgent need for international cooperation and stringent measures to combat human trafficking and protect vulnerable populations.

Efforts are now underway to ensure the safe repatriation of the rescued individuals to Nepal.

Meanwhile, authorities are intensifying their investigation to bring all perpetrators to justice and prevent such heinous crimes in the future.