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Grand Education Conclave

Rightpath’s ‘Grand Education Conclave’ tomorrow at Hetauda, Anju Panta to participate as well

RightPath, which has been completed grandly in Kathmandu and Dhankuta, is se to organize 'Grand Education Conclave-2024' tomorrow.

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KATHMANDU: RightPath Career Counseling is organizing the ‘Grand Education Conclave’ tomorrow in Hetauda.

RightPath, which has been completed grandly in Kathmandu and Dhankuta, is se to organize ‘Grand Education Conclave-2024’ tomorrow in a grand manner at the commercial complex of Marwadi Sewa Sadan located in Hetauda-4, School Road.

RightPath aims to facilitate counseling and streamline the process for students aspiring to pursue higher education in countries like the USA, Europe, Australia, and others.

The Conclave, set to accommodate 400 to 500 students and parents, will provide counseling services at the Right Path office premises in Hetauda.

According to Manish Adhikari, the organizer of RightPath in Hetauda, the Conclave is designed to address the needs of students and parents aiming for overseas higher education after completing their Grade 12 examinations.

The Conclave’s agenda includes nationwide events to ease the process of pursuing education abroad, starting from Hetauda and extending to Chitwan, Butwal, and Dang.

The conclave will provide a 100% discount on application processing, complimentary movie tickets, and enticing gift packages.

There will also be scholarships of up to Rs 25,000 for those wishing to study in the United States, as well as a special IELTS course cost at Rs 2,081, which is normally Rs 6,000.

Over 20 university representatives will be present, allowing students to gather information under one roof.

Phillip D.C., CEO of RightPath, claimed that the event’s goal is to give students with factual information straight from university officials.

He believes the initiative will help students conduct research and make the most of the three months after their examinations.

Anju Pant will also be participating in the event.

The Grand Education Conclave is set to become a significant platform for students and parents alike to gain insights and guidance regarding pursuing higher education abroad, ensuring a smoother transition into international academic environments.