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Balen praises ‘Agastya’ after viewing, surge in box office for 2nd week

Following the screening, Mayor Balen commended Chaudhary's visionary direction, the dedication of the cast, and the impeccable cinematography, offering positive feedback on the overall cinematic experience.

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KATHMANDU: Entering its second week of release, ‘Agastya Chapter 1’ continues to captivate audiences with its gripping narrative and thrilling action sequences.

Despite a reduction in the number of screenings, the film maintains its strong hold on viewership, with each show boasting a commendable audience turnout.

From its initial premiere, ‘Agastya’ has garnered widespread acclaim, thanks to its engaging storyline and stellar performances. This positive reception has translated into robust box office figures, with the film sustaining its momentum through enthusiastic word-of-mouth recommendations.

Notably, both daytime and nighttime screenings witness substantial audience turnout, with some even reaching full capacity. With such high occupancy rates persisting across all showings, it’s evident that ‘Agastya’ is poised for further success in the coming days.

As the film heads into its second week, anticipation builds for even greater box office returns. With its compelling content and strong audience support, ‘Agastya’ is set to continue its impressive run at the theaters.

Audiences have been thoroughly impressed by every aspect of ‘Agastya Chapter 1′, from its meticulous crafting and compelling storyline to the outstanding performances delivered by the cast. The film generated significant buzz even prior to its release, and its reception has only reinforced its status as a standout production.

Viewers have lauded the film as one of the best in recent memory, with particular praise directed towards its narrative depth, suspenseful climax, and the actors’ nuanced portrayals. This widespread acclaim has contributed to the growing attendance in theaters, as more and more people flock to experience the movie firsthand.

Moreover, ‘Agastya’ has not only captivated domestic audiences but has also found success on the international stage, resonating strongly with foreign viewers who appreciate its innovative storytelling and high production values. Notably, the film continues to draw packed crowds in locations like Australia, further solidifying its status as a global sensation.

As audiences depart the theaters after experiencing ‘Agastya Chapter 1’, the lingering question of Ganesh’s identity adds an extra layer of intrigue, fueling discussions and enhancing the overall viewing experience. With its gripping narrative and unforgettable moments, ‘Agastya’ has truly left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.

Despite facing competition from six domestic and foreign films currently screening in theaters, ‘Agastya’ continues to maintain strong box office performance. In its second week, the film boasts an impressive occupancy rate of over 70 percent nationwide, indicating sustained audience interest.

Notably, QFX, the country’s leading multiplex chain, has allocated a substantial number of screenings to ‘Agastya’, offering a total of 19 shows across various locations.

Despite receiving mixed reviews, the film’s steady business reflects a significant victory for the production team, particularly in attracting a younger audience demographic to theaters.

Over the weekend, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balen Shah, accompanied by his team, visited the QFX Hall on Durbar Marg to experience ‘Agastya’, helmed by writer and director Saurabh Chaudhary.

Following the screening, Mayor Balen commended Chaudhary’s visionary direction, the dedication of the cast, and the impeccable cinematography, offering positive feedback on the overall cinematic experience.

Presented by Dark Horse Entertainment and Seven Seas Entertainment, the film features Saugat Malla, Najir Husen, Malika Mahat, Pramod Agrahari, Vijay Baral, Ravindra Jha, Ben Basnet, Shishir Wangdel, Simran Khadka, Prakash Dahal, Gajendra Tripathi and others.

After the enthusiastic response from the audience and good business, the production side is excited for ‘Chapter 2’. It is said that it will be publicly displayed within the year 2026.