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Yantra 9.0 Festival

Yantra 9.0 Festival commenced

Chief Guest KP Sharma Oli inaugurated the festival by lighting a candle using a mobile app, symbolizing the innovative applications of technology and the boundless possibilities it offers.

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KATHMANDU: The Yantra 9.0 Festival commenced by extending a warm welcome to our distinguished guests, individuals revered for their remarkable contributions to both the nation and the fields of science and technology.

Chief Guest KP Sharma Oli inaugurated the festival by lighting a candle using a mobile app, symbolizing the innovative applications of technology and the boundless possibilities it offers.

Miss. Anu Manandhar, the emcee, provided an insightful briefing about the organization and the event, setting the stage for what promised to be an enriching experience.

Over 100 teams, representing countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Ivory Coast, participated in the Yantra International Robotics Competition.

This showcase of talent and innovation underscores the growing importance of AI and robotics on a global scale. With participants from diverse backgrounds converging to demonstrate their skills, Yantra 9.0 promises to be a platform for collaboration, learning, and advancement in the field of technology.

Mr. Omkar Jaiswal extended a warm welcome to all attendees, highlighting the immense potential of AI and robotics in shaping the future. He emphasized Yantra as a significant platform, poised to ignite the interest of young minds in these fields. Engineer Bikash Gurung, President of the Robotics Association of Nepal, paid tribute to the special guests by presenting them with traditional “khada.”

The inauguration ceremony was graced by Chief Guest KP Sharma Oli, who officially opened the event by lighting the diyo using a mobile app. This symbolic act heralds the beginning of an exciting journey into the realms of technology and innovation at Yantra 9.0.

Mr. Deepak Bist, serving as the President of the Robotics Association of Nepal Farwest, provided an informative overview of the Yantra initiative, discussing its past endeavors and future prospects. He highlighted the extensive outreach efforts undertaken by the association, organizing mini Yantra events across various regions such as Sudurpaschim, Dharan, Madhesh, Budhanilkantha, and the iHub bootcamp.

These initiatives culminated in the convergence of participants for Yantra 9.0, an esteemed international competition featuring four major events. These events include the International Robotics Competition, comprising five sub-events such as Yantra Warz, Yantra International League (Soccer), Yantra Swarmanoid, President’s Cup Yantra Teens, and Yantra Business Cup, featuring both hardware and software competitions. Mr. Bist also underscored the potential influence of Yantra 9.0 on shaping AI policy in Nepal.

Following Mr. Bist’s address, Engineer Hirendra Man Pradhan, Chairman of AECoN, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to address the audience. He emphasized the significance of robotics in the current era and highlighted the practical applications of innovations witnessed in competitions like Yantra. Mr. Pradhan stressed how these advancements could contribute to Nepal’s growth, both in practical scenarios and on a national scale.

Shree Gurung, an Advisor of the Robotics Association of Nepal, expressed gratitude and enthusiasm for the continuation of Yantra into its 9th year. However, he also voiced disappointment over the event’s lack of recognition, despite its significant contributions. He highlighted Nepal’s substantial budget allocation but noted a lack of investment in technology. Shree Gurung emphasized the transformative potential of events like Yantra in inspiring and uniting people in the tech industry, both locally and globally. He stressed the importance of investing in technology for Nepal’s development and encouraged youth participation to establish Nepal as a leading tech hub in Asia.

Mr. Garret Wickelson, the Chief of Public Affairs at the US Embassy in Nepal, conveyed his deep honor at being present. He acknowledged the vibrant energy of the participants and highlighted the pivotal role of technology in shaping the future. Mr. Wickelson encouraged bright minds to explore opportunities in the United States while also advocating for their return to Nepal to contribute to its growth. He expressed eagerness to support business and innovation incubation initiatives in Nepal and extended congratulations and best wishes to all participants.

Pramila Devi Bajracharya, the Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MOEST), took the stage, expressing her delight at being present. She highlighted MOEST’s efforts in drafting policies to promote science, technology, and innovation.

These policies aim to provide support to scientists and future innovators, with the goal of reducing Nepal’s brain drain. Ms. Bajracharya extended her best wishes to all participating teams.

Former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli was invited to deliver a speech, where he began by commending the organizers for the successful event. He emphasized that this event marks only the beginning of a promising journey. Mr. Oli stressed the significance of science and technology in driving the country’s development across various sectors. He underscored the need for investment in technology and proposed that competitions like these should be celebrated as festivals. Despite the modest presence of students, he highlighted the event’s immense value. Mr. Oli expressed his willingness to further enhance future editions of the event, believing that the knowledge gained through such competitions is invaluable. He concluded by extending his best wishes to the organizers and participants, anticipating an even grander 10th event.

Engineer Bikash Gurung was invited to the stage to deliver his vote of thanks. He expressed immense happiness and satisfaction at the success of Yantra 9.0 in bringing together numerous leaders, including esteemed figures from the country. He particularly appreciated the presence of the former Prime Minister on stage. The participation of over 100 teams reflects the growing enthusiasm for technology, especially in robotics and AI. Engineer Gurung highlighted the upcoming AI conference as a means to dispel pessimism surrounding AI and emphasized that despite starting late, Nepal is not lagging behind. He underscored the goal of Yantra 9.0 to raise awareness and celebrate technological innovation. Engineer Gurung expressed gratitude to the organizing committee, volunteers, and all involved parties for their contributions.

Following his remarks, Chief Guest KP Sharma Oli, along with other special guests, were taken to the soccer arena for a demonstration where he engaged in soccer matches with remote-controlled robots. Subsequently, he visited the Yantra Teens arena, where he interacted with robots created by teenagers. It showed how Yantra is not just about tech but also about fun and creativity.