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Actress Rekha Thapa welcomes baby girl

Names her Vaibhavi Rajyalakshmi Shahi Thakuri.

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KATHMANDU: Renowned Nepali actress Rekha Thapa embraced motherhood with boundless joy as she welcomed her first child, a beautiful baby girl, into the world.

The much-awaited moment unfolded on Friday at a hospital in Colorado, USA, where Rekha was blessed with the precious gift of motherhood.

Her social media post resonated with warmth and affection, reflecting the profound happiness she feels at becoming a mother.

Amidst the palpable excitement, Rekha took to social media to share the delightful news with her fans and well-wishers.

As the news of Rekha’s blessed event spreads, fans and well-wishers from around the world shower her and her newborn daughter with love and blessings.

Overflowing with love and gratitude, she revealed the name of her newborn daughter as Vaibhavi Rajyalakshmi Shahi Thakuri.

Through her heartfelt message, Rekha expressed the profound significance of her daughter’s arrival, likening it to the emergence of a magnificent beacon amidst the dark clouds in the sky.