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Brain Tumor

10-year-old girl’s successful surgery of Brain Tumor at Nobel

Talking about the patient's treatment, the patient's father said,

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KATHMANDU: A 10-year-old Deepika Rishidev from of Katahari Rural Municipality underwent a complex and successful surgery for a large brain tumor at the Teaching Hospital of Nobel Medical College.

Over the past two months, she had been experiencing severe headaches and vomiting, with a progressive loss of consciousness.

Rushed to the emergency ward, she was diagnosed with a sizable brain tumor on the right side of her brain, as revealed by a CT scan report.

According to the leading neurosurgeon, Prof. Dr. Edmund Jonathan, the parents of the patient had administered traditional remedies due to financial constraints and the deteriorating condition of the patient.

Upon learning about the proficient neurosurgery services at Nobel, they decided to seek medical advice and brought the patient for evaluation.

The decision to proceed with further treatment was contingent upon discussions with the patient’s family, considering the financial challenges and the progressive decline in the patient’s condition. Subsequent to consultations with the patient’s family regarding the condition and treatment, the patient’s medical care advanced. The hospital also provided financial assistance for the patient’s treatment, including discharge arrangements.

Dr. Pramod Chaudhary, a neurosurgeon involved in the surgery and treatment, said that the patient’s left side became weak due to the growth of a large tumor in the part of the brain that controls the body’s organs. After surgery, the patient is doing well, but the left side is now a little weak. Rehabilitation is underway. We are confident that it will gradually return to normal.

Talking about the patient’s treatment, the patient’s father said, “First, my daughter had reached the last stage. One side does not move at all. We showed het to many places but there was no cure. Nobel helped us a lot. After coming here, the operation was successful. Now my daughter has started walking, eating and sitting. The hospital has also given a discount.”

As per Dr. Jonathan’s advice, children experiencing headaches, vomiting, and weakness in their limbs should promptly seek medical attention and consult with the neurology or neurosurgery department at the hospital. It is imperative to conduct a thorough examination and scans for such patients.

Presently, neurosurgery procedures are deemed safe, boasting a success rate ranging from 90 to 97 percent.