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6 people found guilty in attacking Prem Chalaune, 2 years imprisonment

They have been sentenced to two years in jail and a 20,000 rupee fine.

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KATHMANDU: Six of the seven accused charged with the attack on Vice-Professor Prem Chalaune have been found guilty.

They have been sentenced to two years in jail and a 20,000 rupee fine. Rupesh Shah, Rabin Kumar Lama, Niraj Ranamgar, Sayuj Shrestha, Hari Acharya, and Yogendra Rawal were held responsible.

Nepal Student Union activists, who are affiliated to the Nepali Congress, viciously beat up the deputy professor of Tribhuvan University’s Sociology Department.

Similarly, Damasahi has agreed to recover 28,17,593 rupees from the criminal for treatment charges claimed by the operator.

The hearing of the verdict in the case related to the attack on deputy professor Prem Chalaune began in the District Court of Kathmandu on Wednesday. After listening to the arguments of the lawyers on both sides throughout the day, the judge kept the case under review.

The verdict came today after the hearing of the case was over in the bench of District Court Judge Vinod Khatiwada. In the hearing held at the bench number 26, 9 lawyers including advocates Omprakash Aryal, Surendra Bhandari, Radhika Khatiwada, Basanta Joshi, Srikant Baral argued on behalf of the plaintiff.

Similarly, government lawyers Chandra Prasad Sanjel, Dinesh Shrestha and Srikant Khanal also argued. Yogendra Bahadur Adhikari, Sher Bahadur KC, Dayanath Kharel, Ujjwalraj Ghimire and others argued on behalf of the defendant.

Earlier, the judgment hearing had started on Ashoj 9 (Sept 26). However, Judge Uttam Silwal pushed the verdict by ordering to call a doctor.

After hearing the arguments of the defendant’s lawyer, the judge adjourned the hearing by ordering the doctor who treated the driver to appear in court physically.

According to that order, the concerned doctor has come to the court and filed a complaint.

A few days after the attack on him, the driver filed a case in the district court with 7 people as defendants. The Supreme Court ordered the district court to resolve this case as soon as possible on Shrawan 9 (July 25).