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SuryaJyoti Sahi Plan : Higher coverage with low premium & premium refund with whole life coverage

The event was aattended by Insurance Authority Chair Surya Prasad Silwal — company Chair Keshav Prasad Bhattarai and Prakash Bikram Khatri — CEO.

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KATHMANDU: SuryaJyoti Life duly inaugurated the ‘SuryaJyoti Sahi Plan’ in a grand ceremony held at Hotel Dusit Princess in Lazimpat, Kathmandu, attended by Insurance Authority Chair Surya Prasad Silwal company Chair Keshav Prasad Bhattarai and Prakash Bikram Khatri — CEO.

The event was attended by Rajuraman Poudel, Executive Director of the Insurance Authority, and other high-ranking officials from the Authority.

The program featured the company’s president, Keshav Prasad Bhattarai, as well as directors Nanda Kishor Sharma, Hemanta Nahata, Aakash Golcha, Chudamani Devkota, and Priya Tayal.

The program was attended by members of the media, special personalities from associations, and high-ranking company officials.

Surya Prasad Silwal, Chair of the Insurance Authority, said, “He thanked SuryaJyoti Life for bringing a product with very innovative and different features than the traditional policy that people can take. Besides, he said that he was happy that he succeeded in bringing a large insurable plan at a low premium that even the poor can insure.” He said that he believes that the common people will benefit from this different policy brought by Surya Jyoti than the traditional policy.

Keshav Prasad Bhattarai, Chair of SuryaJyoti Company, expressed his gratitude to Surya Prasad Silwal, Chair of Suryajyoti Company, who guided the way from the preparation of this plan to the final acceptance and bringing it to the Nepali insurance market.

In the Nepali life insurance sector, with a very new thinking, looking at the needs and circumstances of the common people, ‘Sahi Plan’, which is different from the existing plans, has attractive and excellent features, for the first time Suryjyoti has launched it.

According to the data of the Insurance Authority, the regulatory body of the insurance sector, it is understood that most Nepalis buy insurance with a very small amount in proportion to their income. After some calamity occurs, the small amount is not enough to bear the financial burden and there is a possibility that the family will be in the grip of financial crisis.

SuryaJyoti has introduced an insurance plan called the “Sahi Plan” to address this very issue. Under this scheme, one can opt for substantial coverage at a minimal premium, with the added benefit of receiving a full premium refund upon reaching the age of 70.

The plan ensures lifelong financial security, with a refund amount of six times the total premium paid. Notably, optional features include protection against up to 35 critical illnesses, offering financial coverage of up to NPR 5 million.

“This plan is the best to support the risk of financial burden that may come in the life of the common people, and since it comes with the first and latest features, it is definitely the right plan as the choice of every Nepali,” said Prakash Bikram Khatri, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Khatri, the company’s chief executive officer, stated unequivocally that Suryajyoti’s goal is to deliver this insurance scheme as “every home, one insurance.”

In this right plan brought with the original slogan of “Think Right, Choose Right” since the entire amount paid will be returned after the age of 70, you will have support in your old age, you can get large insurance with a low amount and the burden of risk will also be greater, so if financial problems occur in your family, you will be protected from the financial burden in the future.

Khatri informed that it is very wise to buy this Sahi plan as your second insurance, even if you have already taken insurance, as it will be easy.