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Netra Jyoti Sangh Dang intends to expand ear treatment services along with eyes

Netra Jyoti Sangh is attempting to provide services to patients with ear related problems by constructing a building on five plots of land provided by Municipality Development Committee located in Lamahi Municipality-5 Ratodanda.

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KATHMANDU: Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh Dang is attempting to provide eye and ear therapy in Lamahi.

According to Lamahi Eye Hospital, Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, Eye Health Program Rapti, and Bahadurgunj Chief Administrative Officer Shamsher Thapa, necessary preparations are being made for ear treatment.

Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, Eye Health Program Rapti and Bahadurgunj, Rapti Eye Hospital Chief Administrator Thapa stated that Netra Jyoti Sangh is attempting to provide services to patients with ear related problems by constructing a building on five plots of land provided by Municipality Development Committee located in Lamahi Municipality-5 Ratodanda.

He stated that if ear specialist services can be supplied concurrently with the building’s construction, the district’s ear-related patients will be able to obtain services alongside Deukhuri. He stated that support from all sectors is required for this.

He stated that he is currently focusing on eye therapy and that if he is able to provide ear treatment services, many people will benefit. Despite the fact that the site had been obtained, the former representative and chief administrator of Lamahi stated that the hospital’s construction had been postponed.

“There was a matter of building a hospital for ear treatment on five acres of land provided by the Lamahi Municipality Development Committee, but there was a problem as the land could not be obtained due to technical reasons,” he explained.

Ear related services are being prepared by constructing a building on mentioned land. He informed that there are 130,000 blind people in Nepal. Among them, 30,240 children are visually impaired, while 90,000 children have the problem of low vision. In Nepal, one lakh peoples over the age of 30 have reported having water spots. Diabetes affects one lakh people in the same way.

According to Chief Administrator Thapa, 20,000 individuals have gone blind as a result of diabetes. Thapa informed about the partnership program’s goal for the fiscal year 20080,81, as well as the partnership program and cooperation undertaken by Garhwa, Rajpur, Lamahi Municipality, and wards throughout this fiscal year. He also presented Lamahi Eye Hospital’s strategic action plan. Lamahi Municipality and Garhwa Rural Municipality have provided free eye treatment services for the current fiscal year.

Free eye examination has been conducted in all wards of Lamahi Municipality. 460 of the 650 patients examined received complimentary cataract surgery. The remaining 244 patients are scheduled to get surgery. 460 people were discovered to need surgery during free eye examinations in all wards of Garhwa Rural Municipality, and 304 people were operated on. One hundred fifty-six persons are still scheduled for surgery. Cataract surgery is required for 551 people in Rajpur Rural Municipality and 897 people in Rapti Rural Municipality.

In an interactive program organized by the Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh Eye Hospital Program in Lamahi, Rapti and Bahadurgunj Lamahi hospital on ‘Our Duty, Our Responsibility, Partnership in Eye Services’, Chief Administrator Thapa informed that there are 195,120 eye-related patients in Lumbini State due to various reasons. According to him, there are 112,964 patients with blindness due to cataract.

Among the 12 districts of the State, Rupandehi has the highest number of cataract patients with 23,705 people. Then respectively, he informed in the program that there are 14,871 cataract patients in Kapilvastu, 14,427 in Dang, 13,546 in Banke, 10,641 in Bardiya, 8,322 in Nawalparasi, 5,591 in Gulmi, 5,435 in Palpa, 5,350 in Pyuthan, 5,204 in Rolpa, 4,458 in Arghakhanchi and 1,291 in Rukum.

Commitment to support eye care

Meanwhile, the speaker on the discussion program stated that there is a need for collaboration with all sectors in the treatment of eyes and ears. According to the participating speaker, eye treatment service is the most essential humanitarian service and that cooperation and partnership among local level, organizations, and so on are required in eye treatment service.

In the program, the head of the District Coordination Committee, Dang Nityanand Sharma, stated that eye treatment services are crucial from a health standpoint and that eye treatment should be prioritized by all four municipalities in Deukhuri. Sharma underlined the importance of collaboration and agreement among the four municipalities and the Netra Jyoti Sangh.

“From the standpoint of human health, eye treatment is an important service,” said Sharma, the head of the District Coordination Committee. “There is a need for coordination and cooperation between the four municipalities and hospitals.” He highlighted his dedication to assisting Deukhuri’s impoverished and needy inhabitants by stating that eye treatment services should be easily accessible at the local level.

During the program, Lamhi Municipality Mayor Jograj Chaudhary stated that his main objective is to serve the people, and he is always eager to assist them. Chief Chaudhary stated that he is willing to assist in the development of a hospital for eye and ear therapy, stating that we are working for the people’s benefit.

Rapti Eye Hospital, according to Yam Narayan Sharma Pokhrel, Chair of Garhwa Rural Municipality, should be enlarged to become the top eye hospital in the province. He stated that services should be made available so that patients do not have to drive far to receive care in Lamahi, Tulsipur, or Bahadurgunj.

He stated that the work done by the eye hospital thus far is commendable and that all of the province’s people’s representatives should contribute financially to the development of this facility. He stated that he is devoted to providing people with excellent services through the eye health program, which is closely tied to people’s health. Municipal Chair Sharma said that they will cooperate to make eye and ear treatment services easy and effective.

Other program participants stated that eye treatment services should be considered in the long run. He stated that it will not work solely with the assistance of donors, and that as it is such a crucial health service, everyone should think about how to make it successful in the long run. Furthermore, information on the Koilawa Eye Hospital’s master plan, restoration program, and so on was provided.

In the program presided over by Resham Bahadur Khadka, outgoing vice-president of Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh Dang and current working committee member, Lamahi Municipality Deputy Chief Laxmi Yogi, Lamahi Municipality-5 Chair Om Prakash Subedi, Garhwa Rural Municipality-5 Lekh Bahadur Thapa, Rajpur Rural Municipality-2 Omprakash Yadav and others said that they would support the development and expansion of Lamahi Eye Hospital.

Ghanshyam Subedi, a member of the Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, spoke at the program about the partnership program and future collaboration and partnership. Balaram Khadka, Information Officer, facilitated the program.