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Birat Nursing Home

7-month-old baby treated successfully at Birat Nursing Home, doctor says – ‘complicated case’ (with video)

The operation was led by Dr Deepraj Adhikari, a neonatal and pediatric expert at Birat Nursing Home.

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BIRATNAGAR: Chetan Bastola is a resident of Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City-16. He has been on rush for 19 days at Birat Nursing Home in Biratnagar. His wife, Pavitra Khadka, was in the hospital on Wednesday holding their baby girl on her chest. She had a number of tests at BP Koirala Health Sciences before being admitted to Birat Nursing Home.

In BP, all of the standard pregnancy tests were performed. She started having issues before she was 7 months pregnant. The doctor suggested additional tests.

After being tested at BP, doctors determined that the baby could not be saved, therefore they reached to Birat Nursing Home in Biratnagar. Bastola stated that the baby may be safely removed from the surgery after the hospital assessed the pair. The 7-month-old baby was successful operated by the doctors of Birat Nursing Home.

According to Bastola, the baby’s condition was fine even 15 days before the operation, when baby was checked at the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan. Even at that time, the doctor stated that the amount of water required for playing with a baby was adequate.

During the following checkup, the doctor suggests Bastola to get a video X-ray because the baby’s weight was abnormal. Based on the doctor’s advice, they only discovered after the video X-ray that the water level was low and the baby’s health was problematic. “At BP, we immediately saw the doctor; the doctor asked us to admit to the hospital, but doctor said there is no chance of the baby’s survival,” Bastola explained, after consulting with relatives, we came to Birat Nursing Home.

Dr. Mona administered medicine for 2 days and then said that if the water level increased, it was fine, the doctor advised the Bastola family to operate after the baby’s heartbeat was normal but the water level did not increase for two days. Dr. Deepraj Adhikari, a neonatologist and pediatrician, advised the Bastola family that the baby could be saved if a procedure to remove the baby was performed. ‘It has been 19 days since the birth of the baby, according to the doctor’s declaration, the baby’s condition is good so far,’ Bastola said.

According to his wife Pavitra Khadka, the doctor initially stated that he could not save the baby, but now that the baby is safe, the doctor has appeared to her as God. She now carries the baby on her chest every day. The doctor says, this is a complicated operation.

According to doctors, the baby’s weight is low, and the case that needs to be removed in 7 months is rarely brought to the hospital. The case of the Bastola family was likewise similar. The operation was led by Dr Deepraj Adhikari, a neonatal and pediatric expert at Birat Nursing Home. Despite the fact that these types of cases are uncommon, Dr. Adhikari stated that the procedure was simple.

When the water level in the mother’s womb became low when the baby was less than 7 months old, they came to Birat, who stated that the baby’s weight was 700 grams and that it needed to be taken immediately since it was not feasible to preserve the baby if it was not removed.

Dr. Adhikari stated that operated based on the advise that this case should be operated on promptly as he has been giving services for low-weight, short-term newborns since the beginning. The Bastola family, according to Dr. Adhikari, had reached the point of abortion.

Dr. Adhikari talks about that around 8 months ago, when we operated the scenario of having triplets, they were ready to operate and deliver the baby after we said don’t worry, we have operated similar situations previously. At that time too, such a low weight baby was born.

Dr. Adhikari stated that, despite having to stay in the hospital for almost a month and a half, the subject returned following successful treatment, convinced that we can heal such small newborns. Adhikari say that the treatment of such small children is very complicated. Children with a low weight of 1000 grams i.e. 1 kg are considered underweight children. This baby weighed only 720 grams.

Dr. Adhikari said that the newborn was not placed on a ventilator for more than a day and was treated by keeping it safe in an incubator utilizing the C-Pap method via the medium of oxygen. “After 19 days, the baby has only consumed its mother’s milk, the doctor said, it does not need oxygen, it is breathing on its own, and its weight has increased by 100 grams from its birth weight to 835 grams.”

Treatment is currently being done through Kangaroo Mother Care, which is done by keeping the baby on the mother’s chest for the protection of the baby. “We have been providing kangaroo mother care for 4-5 hours daily, emphasizing mother’s milk, increasing calories, and increasing weight,” Dr. Adhikari explained, adding that treatment is underway to return the kid to the family as soon as feasible.

This is how low weight babies are born

Low weight newborns can be born for a variety of reasons, doctors says. It is thought that the baby was born prematurely as of this case. According to Dr. Adhikari, the birth weight is reduced due to a decrease in the amount of water in the mother’s uterus. Adhikari claim that when the water runs out, the baby will be unable to feed. “Nutrition is to be obtained from the mother, and when the amount of water in the mother’s stomach is low, there is no room for the baby to grow,” Dr. Adhikari explained. “We need to pay a lot of attention to this type of pregnancy, and when the amount of water in the mother’s uterus is low, there is a problem.”

According to the doctor, there could be a variety of causes for the kid to emerge prematurely. The mother’s health, such as blood pressure, uterine difficulties, and sugar pressure, might potentially cause the child to be born prematurely. “In the current situation,” he stated, “the mother is not sick; the operation was performed after the amount of excess water in the mother’s stomach decreased during the ultrasound.”

Adhikari said the baby had to be born whatever since the amount of water was low, but he was very concerned about whether the baby would be born underweight and whether the child would survive, we successfully operated after working as a team. He claimed that numerous similar babies had previously been successfully operated on. He stated that as a neonatologist and pediatric specialist, he takes such concerns seriously.

Dr. Adhikari, who has a lot of experience with infants, claimed that he has operated on multiple babies weighing 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 weeks in the last 3-4 years. Premature babies are normally released home after being made healthy, and they are usually delivered at 40 weeks.

Begin following the doctor’s advice as soon as the baby is in mother tummy, according to the doctor. The doctor recommends that patients consume healthy foods, have regular check-ups, take iron pills, calcium, and other necessary medications on a regular basis. According to the doctor Adhikari, a tetanus shot should be administered at least once, and an ultrasound and video X-ray should be performed 4-5 times.


-Suman Suskera/MK