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Current Noodles

Current Noodles: opened a pathways to agriculture, employment & economic development

According to the corporation, within a few years of making noodles under the brand name 'Current,' Current has dominated the Nepali market and begun exporting to nations such as India, Australia, and the United States.

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KATHMANDU: Yashoda Foods, a company that entered the food market on May 7, 2017 from Tilottama in Rupandehi, has now become a household name in the Nepali market. This company has also confirmed that it is possible in the country to create foreign quality spicy noodles.

According to the corporation, within a few years of making noodles under the brand name ‘Current,’ Current has dominated the Nepali market and begun exporting to nations such as India, Australia, and the United States.

Every year, Current noodles worth $10 million US dollars are shipped, according to the firm. This confirms its international popularity.

This enterprise has directly and indirectly employed around 15,000 individuals across the country, according to the company. Current cultivation has also offered a market for Akabare Khursani (Red Savina pepper) to 10,000 farmers across five districts in the country.

Around 30 hectares of Akabare Khursani are grown around the country. The company has succeeded in winning the hearts of many people with its high-quality products by encouraging chilli cultivation on unused land in Makwanpur.

Current is producing jobs in many sections of the country by providing farmers with markets and encouraging them to grow Akabare Khursani. It also appears to indicate the sentiment that in some regions of the country, sweating in the country is preferable to working overseas.

It has been seen that Current has succeeded in introducing the country to the international noodle market by utilizing as many native materials and food grains as feasible, and has aided the country’s economic development by bringing in foreign revenue.

The data shows that with the country now producing high-quality spicy noodles, imports of spicy noodles into the Nepali market have reduced by 15%.

This company, which has a significant impact on employment, economic development, and the resuscitation of the country’s dwindling agricultural industry, has also done social responsibility and national interest activity, such as providing scholarships to impoverished underprivileged youngsters.

Spicy Noodles, which is considered a foreign brand, has quickly created its distinct character in the Nepali market. According to the company, all of the components used in the creation of currant noodles made with Akabare Khursani produced in Nepal have been certified by the Nepal government, making it safe. As a result, many individuals like it, according to the firm.

From Dang to Dubai, Makwanpur to Malaysia, and now known all over the world, the company claims that Current are very healthy compared to other brands, not only in terms of employment and agriculture, but also in terms of health.

According to the firm, this noodle has all of the features found in the native Akabare Khursani, and there is no adulteration, thus it is popular. More farmers are expected to gain in the future as a result of the expanding market need for current, which is given to the healthy noodle market through the usage of Akabare Khursani produced in Nepal.

As a result, it has been observed that lands that have been unproductive for many years will be used for the production of Akabare Khursani, and the country’s economic condition will be considerably enhanced through export.

Talking about the contribution of businesses like electricity in the country’s economy, senior economist Dr. Pratik Jha says, ‘From saving the declining economy to dressing the wounds of poverty. From protecting the nation from dependency to exporting indigenous products, Yashoda Foods’ current is filling the story of the Nepali market with sweet colors.

He stated that the fact that Nepali production is getting known throughout the world is a source of pride for the country. He stated that this is a significant chance and an example for farmers who want to sweat in Nepal as well as those considering conducting business.