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MCC is a new form of 21st century imperialism: Biplav

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KATHMANDU: MARCH. 4 – The Communist Party of Nepal’s General Secretary, Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav,’ has declared February 27 to be a “black day.”

Biplav said at a joint protest rally on Friday, “Leaders have established Feb 27 as a black day. The 16th of December was called “Black Day,” and now the 27th of February has become “Black Day” for Nepalis and the country as a whole.

He asserted that MCC has devolved into a form of 21st-century imperialism. “The MCC is more than just a grant,” Biplav explained. “It’s a type of imperialism. It is a new form of imperialism in the twenty-first century.’

According to the revolutionaries, the Nepali communists are deceiving the people.