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Badal is the third-ranking Vice-Chairperson of the UML

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KATHMANDU: DEC. 17 – The CPN (UML) has finalized the leaders’ division of labor. UML issued an inter-party directive (Apani) naming heads of several departments as well as state and district in-charges.

The UML has finalized the order of priority of the leaders while determining responsibilities. UML has approved the priority order following the 10th National General Convention. Chairperson KP Sharma Oli is at the top, followed by senior vice-chairperson Ishwor Pokharel.

Yuvaraj Gyawali is at the top of the list of Vice-Chairperson. He has been given the responsibility of coordinating the state and local levels. Astalaxmi Shakya is in the second position, she will be in charge of political coordination.

The third priority of the Vice-Chairperson is Ram Bahadur Thapa, the leader carrying the legacy of the former Maoists. He is in charge of diplomatic relations and national security. Badal’s position is ahead of the old leaders in the UML.

Bishnu Prasad Poudel, Subash Chandra Nemwang, Surendra Prasad Pandey and Shankar Pokharel are behind Badal in the rankings.