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Jhapa will have a traffic awareness program

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JHAPA: DEC. 17 – Jhapa will have a traffic week to decrease road accidents and preserve excellent road governance. The District Traffic Police Office in Jhapa has announced that beginning December 19, it would run an awareness program aimed at minimizing traffic accidents in various parts of the district.

According to Nishesh Chapagain, Inspector at the District Traffic Police Office in Jhapa, a program on road governance and accident reduction is being implemented, particularly during the months of Poush and Magh (December and January) owing to heavy fog in the morning and difficulties driving.

He said that a week-long program is being organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law of State 1, Biratnagar and the State Traffic Police Office, Itahari.

According to Police Inspector Chapagain, the campaign is being conducted all over the state and a week-long traffic awareness campaign is being launched in Jhapa.

Various social groups, leaders and representatives of government authorities, the Mechi Transport Management Office, instructors from private and community schools, students, civic society, and intellectuals will all be involved in the campaign.

The District Traffic Police Office and its subordinate units have 5/5 students, 2/2 scout volunteers and 2/2 traffic police in the main squares to teach the road users to cross the road, point out driver’s faults and remind them, local level, concerned bodies, Unmanaged parking, temporary tents, workshops, garages, materials for commercial purposes and construction materials on major highways, sidewalks and sidewalks will be removed in coordination and cooperation with the organizations.

The traffic police is ready to provide training on school and college bus monitoring, rental vehicle monitoring and documentation, condition of the vehicle, speed, use of uniform, capacity and overtaking.

During the traffic week, Chapagain stated, that the vehicles carrying dustbins, senior citizens, women and disabled passengers would be examined.