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Vaccinating journalists, teachers, drivers and other groups from today

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KATHMANDU: JULY 13 – The government is planning to administer the first dose of the corona vaccine from today. Dr. Dipendra Man Singh, Director General of the Department of Health Services at the Ministry of Health and Population, informed that the vaccine informed that the vaccines from China and Johnson & Johnson from the United States will be vaccinated from Monday (today).

The department has identified a target group of vaccines for Vero Cell and Johnson & Johnson. According to him, all citizens in the age group of 55 years and above will be charged against covid. Similarly, Vero Cell University, school professors, teachers and staff, media personnel, drivers, and co-drivers working in public transport will also be involved. The rest of the people involved in the essential services prescribed by the Government of Nepal will be vaccinated and the Nepali citizens going to the countries where vaccination is mandatory will also be vaccinated.

Similarly, the 1.5 million Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which came on Monday, will be given to all citizens in the age group of 50 to 54 years, citizens with complete and severe disabilities, and refugees currently residing in Nepal. The Johnson vaccine is given only once.

He said that the ministry will vaccinate health workers and sanitation workers working in health institutions and all those who have been exempted from vaccination in previous campaigns. In order to be vaccinated, the citizen will have to bring the official proof of age, citizenship, passport, driver’s certificate, educational certificate, and if not, age proof documents from the municipality and ward.

Similarly, in the case of public transport drivers and co-drivers, vaccination will be provided on the basis of the list certified by the Chief District Officer by requesting an official identity card and factual details from the business association. In the case of university and school teachers and staff, vaccination will be provided on the basis of the official identity card of the concerned institution, in case of Nepali citizens going to the country where vaccination is compulsory, on the basis of passport and visa and in case of fully and severely disabled citizens.

So far, 8.8 percent of the total population in Nepal, i.e. 2,611,807 people have been vaccinated with the first dose and 3.5 percent or 1,041,366 people have been vaccinated with the second dose.