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Pokhara Metropolitan City to seek legal remedy on Siltation Dam

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POKHARA: JULY 12 – Pokhara Metropolitan City has expressed its serious attention to the media and social media reports regarding rain-triggered damages to Siltation Dam in Phewa Lake.

Issuing a press statement on Sunday, PMC Spokesperson Dhan Bahadur Nepali drew attention to the questions emerging on the damages caused to the dam that was constructed in Harpan rivulet in collaboration with the Gandaki province government to conserve Phewa Lake.

People have raised questions on the quality of the work and materials used while constructing the dam among four other siltation dams

“Questions and reactions are raised focusing on the quality of the broken dam infrastructure and the architect of the structure”, the statement noted.

The spokesperson clarified that the metropolitan office has sought clarifications from the consultant – who sketched the design of the dam – to determine whether or not the faults in design have caused such incidents.

Acting on growing public criticism and reactions, PMC has cautioned the consultant in writing to carry out re-maintenance of the collapsed dam, he clarified. However, the consultant has not yet made any response to this effect, he said.

“The metropolitan city is trying to know further regarding duration for mending fault lines of the project as well as insurance issue”, reads the statement, adding, “PMC would seek legal remedy to make the consultant responsible and protect metropolitan city’s interests”.