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Ward’s recommendation mandatory when getting married in Tila of Jumla

Gorikala Budha, the village municipality's vice Chair, said that the village executive meeting's decision made it essential to recommend the ward for marriage.

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KATHMANDU: To avoid underage marriage, the municipal level has made it essential to recommend ward at the time of marriage.

Tila Rural Municipality of the district has decided to recommend the ward when getting married.

Couples who want to get married have to get married only after taking the recommendation of the ward.

Gorikala Budha, the village municipality’s vice Chair, said that the village executive meeting’s decision made it essential to recommend the ward for marriage.

A circular has also been issued to the municipality’s nine wards. Child marriage has recently increased. According to Vice Chair Budha, ward recommendation is required to avoid child marriage.

Ward residents must obtain the ward’s approval before marrying. Tila-6 has also been designated as a child marriage-free ward in order to reduce child marriage.

Village Chair Motilal Rokaya stated that the ward’s advice will play a critical role in reducing underage marriages. He claims that attempts are being undertaken to rid the municipality’s wards of child marriage.

Rokaya, the village chair, stated that the ward has been told to strictly enforce the executive’s decision.

According to the rural municipality, it is required to present the birth certificate to the ward office and obtain approval even when marrying at any age.

The Tila-1 ward office reported that with the necessary ward recommendation for marriage, the number of people seeking ward endorsement has grown.

Ward Chair Jang Rokaya informed that Bikash Rokaya, a citizen of the municipality’s Ward No. 6, married with the ward’s approval.

Vice Chair Janmaya Rokaya stated that when getting married in the Patarasi Rural Municipality, the ward’s recommendation is required.

Sinja Rural Municipality also stated that it has implemented the recommendation of wardship upon marrying.