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Ghodaghodi Sangeet Utsav

Actor Paul Shah’s performance at ‘Ghodaghodi Sangeet Utsav’

Paul Shah will visit Kailali's Sukhad at this time.

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DHANGADHI: Actor Purna Bikram Shah (Paul) is seen busy with public events. In the fairs held in different districts, the time has come to pass.

Paul Shah will visit Kailali’s Sukhad at this time.

According to the organizer Avash Sanchar Company Pvt, Paul Shah will also be present at the Ghodaghodi music festival 2080, which will be held in Ghodaghodi-1 Sukhad.

Program coordinator Prakash Mishra informed that Shah will be present on 9th Baisakh.

Along with Shah, the festival will feature performances by actor Pushpa Khadka, singer Eleena Chauhan, singer Badal Thapa, Tanka Timalsina, and Hem Raj Thapa.