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Week's Pictures

In Pics: Weekly pictures

This week's pictures.

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Student objections

Valmeeki Vidyapeeth students are protesting on the eve of the FSU elections.

Protest of  ‘Koshi’

Anti-identity organizations have protested the renaming of State 1 as Koshi State.


MP Baral, a member of the Gandaki State Assembly, performing a death ritual casts his vote in the vice-presidential election.


Photo and video journalists line up to capture images and video of the vote counting following the Vice President’s election.

Looking to pictures!

Vice-Presidential candidate Mamata Jha looks at her photo on a photojournalist’s camera after having her photo taken.


A Sparrow perched on a tree on the campus of Valmeeki Vidyapeeth.

Looking at the painting

Visitors to Ragini Upadhyaya’s painting exhibition at the ‘Art Council’.

-Saroj Basnet