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NNJS & FNJ agreement: Free eye examination for journalists

Prof. Chetraj Panta, Chair of the NNJS, and Bipul Pokhrel, Chair of the federation, have signed an agreement.

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KATHMANDU: Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh (NNJS) and Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) have signed a memorandum of understanding on mutual cooperation. On Wednesday, the two organizations signed an agreement at the federation’s central office.

Prof. Chetraj Panta, Chair of the NNJS, and Bipul Pokhrel, Chair of the federation, have signed an agreement to raise awareness about eye treatment among the general public and to hold a free eye examination camp for journalists.

Prof. Chetraj Panta, Chair of NNJS, stated at the signing ceremony that patients with eye problems were unable to receive treatment due to a lack of public awareness and information. He stated that even recovering eye patients could not be treated, and that the organization was working to find a solution.

Bipul Pokhrel, Chair of Federation of Nepalese Journalists, said that with the advancement of technology and the long-term use of computers and other equipment, eye health problems have begun to emerge among journalists. He stated that the agreement reached by the two organizations will benefit journalists throughout the country.

Netra Jyoti Sangh, a non-profit organization established in 2035, is currently providing citizens with accessible and high-quality eye healthcare services across the country through 27 eye hospitals, 150 eye treatment centers, and 44 district branches.

The association is providing quality services at people’s doorsteps in order to ensure that no citizen is forced to live blindly due to financial constraints, and for this purpose, the bright campaign program has also been implemented in collaboration with various agencies, through which many Nepalese citizens who are below the poverty line receive free eyesight. They also receive examination and surgical services.

Secretary General of Netra Jyoti Sangh Bharat Bahadur Chand, Treasurer Dron Prasad Guragain, Executive Director Shailesh Kumar Mishra and Federation Secretary Govinda Chaulagain, Treasurer Kalendra Sejuwal, Accounts Committee Coordinator Lekhnath Neupane and others were present in the event.