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GWM Haval Jolion SUV receives five-star safety rating in ANCAP

This five-star ANCAP safety rating for the Jolion is GWM's third under ANCAP's stringent 2020-2022 protocols.

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KATHMANDU: The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), Australasia’s independent voice on vehicle safety, has awarded the GWM Haval Jolion the maximum five-star safety rating.

The GWM Haval Jolion was tested and evaluated for its ability to physically protect occupants and other road users in a crash (via a suite of destructive crash tests) as well as its ability to prevent or reduce the severity of a crash with another vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist (via a suite of active collision avoidance performance tests).

“This five-star ANCAP safety rating for the Jolion is GWM’s third under ANCAP’s stringent 2020-2022 protocols,” said Carla Hoorweg, Chief Executive Officer of ANCAP. GWM places a premium on SAFETY, along with connected features and premium drivability, as evidenced by the amount of attention its portfolio is receiving in GLOBAL markets.

“There has been a lot of interest in a rating for this model, and it has been shown to provide a high level of safety.”

ANCAP has already given Haval’s H6 3rd generation and GWM Pick-up CANNON (also known as Poer or P – Series in some other international markets) a 5 Star rating.