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Settlements around Manohara were inundated

The flood also swept away pig and chicken farms near the Manohara River.

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KATHMANDU: The squatters (people with no legal ownership of land) settlement in Bhaktapur around the Manohara river has been inundated. The flood swept away the household items in the area. According to the police, some of the houses in the area were also swept away by the flood.

The flood also swept away pig and chicken farms near the Manohara River. The flood caused by last night’s heavy rain has reached the squatter’s settlement. The flood had no human consequences.

Similarly, the Kandaghari police station building has been flooded. According to the police bulletin, the entire first floor of the office building was submerged, and the food, furniture, and other items in the mess were washed away.

According to the police, three motorcycles parked behind the office were also swept away by the flood. Police and rescue teams are deployed in that area. Police said that the victims were rescued.

Flooding in the Bagmati-Bishnumati river

Floods have occurred in the Bagmati, Bishnumati, and other valley rivers and streams. The Bagmati neighborhood is completely flooded.

The Flood Forecasting Division has advised people to remain vigilant until noon today due to flooding in the Punyamati, Hanumante, Manohara, and other rivers.

Similarly, heavy rain has fallen in Gwanti and the surrounding Dailekh areas. The Flood Forecasting Division has warned residents to be cautious because there is a risk of flooding in the area’s small rivers and streams, as well as landslides in the steep areas.

The division has asked for caution as the flow of water has increased in other areas where it rained overnight. Today will most likely bring light to moderate rain to many parts of the country.

Similarly, heavy rain is expected in some areas of Bagmati, Gandaki, Lumbini, Karnali, and Sudurpaschim States, prompting the weather forecast division to issue a warning.

Vehicles are running normally on the Naubise-Muglin and Muglin-Narayangadh road sections, which are now connected to Kathmandu, according to the police. However, because the risk of landslides remains, the police advise you to be aware of the road conditions while traveling.