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Esewa Scheme

Esewa money transfer successfully concludes Remitutsav, bumper prize winner was Gorkha’s Kamal Kamar

The scheme began on 1st Baisakh (April 14) 2079, on the occasion of Nepali New Year 2079, and ended recently on 4th Shrawan, 2079, after a 14-week run.

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KATHMANDU: Esewa Money Transfer, Nepal’s leading digital remittance company, recently completed Remitutsav, a customer-friendly scheme encouraging the sending of remittances through legal channels.

The scheme began on 1st Baisakh (April 14) 2079, on the occasion of Nepali New Year 2079, and ended recently on 4th Shrawan, 2079, after a 14-week run.

The campaign’s main theme was “Celebrate Remitutsav by sending remittances through legal mediums,” and throughout the campaign, eSewa Money Transfer encouraged Nepalese in abroad to send remittances legally and discouraged them from using other insecure and illegal methods to send remittances home.

During the campaign period, one remittance sender from more than 200 countries received NPR 5,000 via a live lucky draw from EMT’s Facebook page, and 98 lucky remittance senders were rewarded for sending remittances through the legal channel of eSewa Money Transfer.

Similarly, the campaign’s top prize was NPR 50,000, which was won by Kamal Kamar from Gorkha, who is now residing in Qatar and sent remittances through Unimoni Exchange, Qatar’s leading remittance company.

Mr. Ajesh Koirala, CEO of eSewa Money Transfer, commented on the event’s conclusion, saying, “We are pleased to conclude the campaign successfully.” The main goal of the “Remitutsav” campaign was to educate people about sending remittances through legal channels.

Also, we aimed to increase remittances in the country, maintain the balance of USD reserves, and contribute to the country’s economic stability, which I believe we will be able to achieve through the campaign.”

Even though Remitutsav has ended, eSewa Money Transfer has launched a new business and customer-friendly scheme called “Digital Remittance maa iPhone 13 jitne chance (chance to win iPhone 13 on digital remittance)” from the Shrawan 15 (July 31) 2079 to the Bhadra 31 (Sept 16) 2079, in which remittance senders from abroad can win an iPhone 13 by sending money directly to an eSewa wallet in Nepal, and the beneficiary will receive NPR 100.

Additionally, cash remittance recipients can receive an additional NPR 200 bonus when receiving remittance directly in their eSewa wallet.

Esewa Money Transfer is Nepal’s leading digital remittance company, providing a hybrid model of world-class remittance services to Nepalese all over the world. Our service offerings include traditional agent-based remittance services through eSewa’s 1,10,000+ agent network.

Furthermore, with access to 5 million+ eSewa mobile wallet users as well as any bank or financial institution, sending and receiving money is as simple as a few taps on a mobile phone.

Founded in 2019 and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank under foreign exchange regulation, eSewa Money Transfer is a subsidiary of F1soft Group, which has empowered over 11 million people and 100,000 businesses across the country through innovative fin-tech-based payment services.