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Week's Pictures

This week’s top seven pictures

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Various Number Plates

A vehicle plying on the Thapathali-Tripureshwor road section, with the number written in Nepali and English.

Historic Aircraft

The Nepali Congress hijacked Shanewani’s twin-attarplane on 2030 BS Jeshta 28 (10 June, 1973). The plane is currently on display at the BP Museum in Sundarijal.

Goats Grazing

Goats grazing in Chitlang’s pear orchard, a popular tourist destination in Makwanpur.

Voter Registration Line

Service recipients line up at the District Election Office in Anamnagar to register to vote in the upcoming federal election.


Security personnel drinking water during the agitation.

Cooker Coffee

Cooking organic coffee in a pressure cooker, according to a report from Chitlang.


The Kathmandu Valley as seen through the fog from Chandragiri Bhanjyang.

(Bhanjyang is a low place that can be crossed from the middle of amountainor mountain range)