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Chorko Swor

In Pics: ‘Chorko Swor’ at Mandala Theatere

The play, directed by Anil Subba and Anveshan Rai, depicts the Limbu community's tradition of intermarriage.

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Mandala Drama House in Thapagaun is hosting a performance of ‘Chorko Swor (Voice of a Thief),’ which depicts the Limbu community’s marriage rites. Navin Chauhan wrote the story for the play presented by Artmandu Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

The play, directed by Anil Subba and Anveshan Rai, depicts the Limbu community’s tradition of intermarriage.

‘Chorko Swor’ vividly depicts the cultural tradition of gentlemen on the boy’s side coming to give information in a special way, saying that ‘your daughter is happily kept’ after the boy took a girl and run away.

After the parental side have accepted the rite, that is, the voice of the thief, the marriage issue proceeds in accordance with Limbu rites and customs. Excellent directorial art and the acting of the actors have brought the play to life.

Actors like Anil Subba, Rupesh Lama, Kavi Rai, Laxmi Yonghang, Ingihopo Koinch Sunuwar, Sangeeta Thapa Magar, Bedana Rai, Suraj Tamu, Pratina Rai, Ramita Rai, Prayas Bantawa Rai, Reshma Limbu, Sita Rai, Narcis Lingden, Diwas Payangu, Uday Limbu, Praveen Magar, Nusha Lingden, Sunil Tamang have acted in the play.

The play, which has been on stage since June 3, will be shown daily except Monday until June 29.


-Saroj Basnet/Makalu Khabar