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‘Government’s first responsibility is to protect citizen’s life’

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LUMBINI: JAN. 24 – Lumbini State Chief Amik Sherchan has inquired about the State government’s efforts in connection with coronavirus infection control, a vaccination campaign and treatment arrangements.

The State Chef inquired about the government authorities’ efforts after the new variant of the coronavirus immoderately broke out in the community.

He obtained the information from chief minister Kul Prasad KC, Speaker Purna Bahadur Gharti, State ministers, health secretary, security agencies chiefs and chief districts officers at a discussion at the State Chief Office on Sunday.

State Chief Sherchan recommended the Lumbini State carry out an anti-coronavirus campaign in a way that other States can also replicate the model. “I came to know from media about inadequate PCR test, dearth of the syringe and financial insufficiency for the campaign. I urge all three tiers of governments to work in tandem to control and prevent the contagion and provide treatment to the infected at the earliest possible”.

Noting that the first and foremost responsibility of the government was to protect the lives of the people, he urged the authorities to pay utmost attention on saving citizen’s life even by stopping the development works for the time being.

On the occasion, Chief Minster KC informed that the State government has focused on carrying out monitoring to know whether or not treatment is done effectively by forming a monitoring committee.

The chief minister further shared that the construction of holding centers is taking place in Rupandehi, Kapilvastu and Banke on the efforts of the federal government and the Nepal Army and the constructed centers would be brought into operation soon.