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Bomb found at Indian capital market defused

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AGENCY: JAN. 14 – A bomb found inside an abandoned bag at a market in the Indian capital city Delhi was defused by a controlled detonation on Friday by personnel of the National Security Guard (NSG), police said.

The bomb was discovered at a flower market in east Delhi’s Ghazipur area.

Following the detection of an abandoned bag, local vendors informed police, who rushed the bomb disposal squad from NSG and police personnel to the spot.

Reports said police dug an 8-foot deep pit with the help of an earthmover to detonate the improvised explosive device (IED) in a controlled manner.

“An IED or crude bomb was kept inside a bag left by a customer,” local TV news channel NDTV quoted Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana as having said.

Police have registered a case and ordered an investigation into the incident.