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Bishal Bazar Company appoints Prabhu Capital as share registrar

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KATHMANDU: JAN. 14 – Bishal Bazar Company Limited’s share registrar has been appointed as Prabhu Capital Limited.

Bishal Bazar Company Limited and Prabhu Capital Limited have reached an agreement to cooperate on share registrar work.

The agreement was signed by Bishal Bazar Company Limited’s Managing Director Gagan Bahadur BK and Prabhu Capital’s Chief Business Officer Basu Thapaliya.

Bishal Bazar Company Limited has appointed Prabhu Capital Limited as the share registrar with effect from Jan 15.

As the Registrar of Shares, Prabhu Capital has stated that it will keep records related to the securities trading of Bishal Bazar Company Limited, cancel the filing, transfer and block names and update the data of the shareholders.