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Christmas Day is being celebrated today

Government has given a public holiday today.

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KATHMANDU: DEC. 25 – Today is Christmas Day for Christians all throughout the world, including Nepal. Christians celebrate Christmas in accordance with the custom of commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25 each year.

Jesus is said to have been born two thousand years ago at Bethlehem, Jerusalem, from the Virgin Mary’s womb. Jesus is also known by the name Jesus Christ. He is thought to have made a memorial to his contribution to humanity. Christmas is a time to reflect on Jesus’ teachings and lectures, to exhibit love, and to exchange greetings and presents.

Officials of the National Christian Federation say that Christmas has been celebrated in Nepal since 400 years ago. The historic change of Bikram Sambat (BS) 062-63 has declared a federal republic, secularism and the state has recognized Christmas as the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, the government has given a public holiday today. The cabinet meeting on Friday decided to grant a public holiday on Christmas.