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Bank loan for hair transplant!

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CHITWAN: DEC. 19 – The Chitwan Medical College Teaching Hospital here has arranged a loan facility for the service recipients who come for hair transplantation. Customers can pay for cosmetic treatment including hair transplant in installments.

The hospital has provided this installment facility in collaboration with Sunrise Bank Limited. The arrangement has been made to pay the fee in installments to the patients coming for cosmetic treatment including hair transplant, said Kritishma Aryal, head of the dermatology department of the hospital.

He said that the bank would provide such a loan of Rs 25,000 to Rs 200,000 at zero interest rate without any collateral. It is stated that the source of income should be disclosed for the loan which can be repaid in installments up to 18 months.

Aryal shared that the loan has been arranged targeting those who find it difficult to pay the fee at once as it is expensive and a luxury.

It is said that this facility has been provided for the first time in Chitwan.

The Department of Dermatology of the hospital has services for hair transplantation as well as the removal of facial wrinkles, brightening of skin, removal of pores, dandruff and other stains and blemishes.

Dr. Shraddha Upreti, Consultant Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon of the hospital said that hair transplantation is being done using the latest technology. She also claimed that there would be no major side effects when transplanting hair in this way.