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“Let’s pass MCC,” said FNCCI chair Golchha

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KATHMANDU: DEC. 15 – Shekhar Golchha, Chairperson of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, stated that the US MCC grant support should be exploited.

Golchha stated on Wednesday at a new development conference held by the federation that the MCC compact agreement should be passed quickly and implementation should begin.

“Hon’ble Finance Minister Zhou is aware that not a single rupee of the grant has been received for five months,” said Golchha. “On the other hand, foreign investment is still not enough.” So we need to implement projects like MCC. ‘

Finance Minister Sharma’s party, the CPN-Maoist Center, has been opposing the MCC. The MCC compact agreement could not be passed by the parliament due to the opposition of some parties.