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Price of gold reached Rs 92,500 per tola

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KATHMANDU: DEC. 12 – The price of Chhapawal gold has been fixed at Rs 92,500 per tola in the gold and silver market on the first trading day of the week. The price of yellow metal, which was traded at Rs 92,200 per tola on the previous day, has risen by Rs 300 per tola today.

According to the details made public by the Federation of Gold and Silver Entrepreneurs of Nepal, today’s price of Tejabi gold has been fixed at Rs 92,000 per tola which was fixed at Rs 91,700 per tola last Friday.

Similarly, the price of Silver today has increased by Rs. 5 per tola as compared to the previous transaction price and has been fixed at Rs. 1,190. Gold is being traded at around $1,783 per tola in the international market today.