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Support of Jyoti Bikas Bank for the students of Upper Dolpa

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KATHMANDU: DEC. 2 – Jyoti Bikas Bank has provided 2 lakhs financial assistance for the students of Yangjer Gumba School in Shilanyas village of Upper Dolpa through ‘Project Jyoti’ of Himalayan Development Initiative (HDI).

On behalf of Jyoti Bikas Bank, Chief Executive Officer of the Bank Shrichandra Bhatta handed over the amount to Pema Chhiring Gurung, Chairperson of Himalayan Development Initiative.

From that amount, HDI has provided solar and electric charging lights to 50 students of Yangjer Gumba School.

The lights will make it easier for students at Yangjer Gumba School in Nyassil village, deprived of electronic services, to study at home.

Named Project Jyoti, the project, in collaboration with HDI and the National Innovation Center, will connect solar panels and high-capacity power walls to Yanjer Gumba School.

The power wall will provide students with the facility to charge the lights throughout the day.