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Former Minister and Member of Parliament defeated in Congress General Convention

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BIRATNAGAR: NOV. 25 – The election results of the federal constituency of Morang under the 14th General Convention of the Nepali Congress have shown that the establishment party is weak. The grip of the Poudel-Koirala faction is strong in six federal constituencies. Except in Constituency No. 5, Poudel-Koirala faction presidents have been elected in all the constituencies.

In Constituency No. 1, Shankar Rai has won. He has been unanimously elected. Similarly, Nageshwor Singh has been elected in Constituency No. 2, Ganesh Khadka in Constituency No. 3 and Jiwakshya Gachhadar in Constituency No. 5. Gachhadar has been elected unanimously. He was accompanied by Amrit Aryal, a central member of the establishment.

He has been made the president under the pressure of Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar. Counting is underway in Constituency No. 4. In Constituency No. 4, Binod Basnet is leading, according to the Election Committee. He has become a candidate with the support of leader Mahesh Acharya. About 300 votes are yet to be counted in this constituency.

In Constituency No. 6, the candidate of Dr. Shekhar Koirala’s party has won. Regional President Devraj Tamang has won. Koirala’s faction is also seen in the General Convention delegates in this constituency. In Constituency No. 2, Nageshwor Prasad Singh has won the post of regional chairman. He is also the president close to Koirala.

The defeat of the great

In the Nepali Congress election, the former minister and the leaders of the front have also been defeated. State MPs Bindiya Karki, Shekhar Chandra Thapa and Shanta Poudel were defeated. Leader Mridula Koirala, former leader of Nepal Student Union Baburam Koirala, Deepak Lohani, secretary of Nepal Woman Association Morang Pramila Thapa, Damodar Koirala and others have been defeated.

It is said that the Poudel-Koirala faction has won more than the establishment even in the delegates who select the central office-bearers through the general convention. Party Deputy President Shiva Narayan Singh Gangai said that it would take some time for the details of the polls to come and be updated.