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Today is the main day of Chhath

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KATHMANDU: NOV. 10 – On the main day of the Chhath festival, on Wednesday evening, the setting sun is being worshiped and given argha. This festival of adoration, worship and worship of the Sun God, which is celebrated from Kartik Shukla Chaturthi to Saptami, has started from Monday.

According to the historical mythology Mahabharata, five Pandavas, including Draupadi, lived in obscurity and worshiped the sun god so that the secret may be successful. It is said that at that time the Pandavas lived in the palace of the great king. According to folklore, the tradition of celebrating Chhath has started from that time.

According to the Surya Purana, Anusuya, the wife of Atrimuni, was the first to fast Chhath. As a result, she gained lasting happiness and love. The fact that the tradition of celebrating Chhath festival has started from that time is mentioned in Surya Purana.

All the physical development of the world is based on the sun. Without the power of the sun, no tree, plant, plant, animal, creature can exist. Many physicians have written treatises on the treatment of sun rays. Many incurable and even amazing cures have been sought from the sun’s rays.

In the Samba Purana, it is said that the leprosy sufferer was cured by the curse of his own father Krishna and Maharshi Durvasa. There is a popular belief that fasting on Chhath brings relief from misery and poverty. It is believed that offering a bunch of fruits to the sun god is pleasing to all the children including the family of Bartalu. Those who cannot fast on this festival fulfill their wishes from another fast. People who are financially deprived celebrate this festival even if they are begging.


On the day of Kartik Shukla Chaturthi, one takes a bath and eats a meal. On the second day, on Kartik Shukla Panchami, Kheer (Kharna) made by adding Sakhar (a kind of sugar) is offered to Mother Shashthi Mata as an offering and a spoonful of fruit is eaten without salt. According to Nawal Kishor Yadav, secretary of the Guhyeshwari Gaurighat Chhath Puja Committee, the main day of the festival is Kartik Shukla Shashthi.

“This festival ends when one stays awake all night on the sixtieth day and worships the rising sun on the morning of Kartik Shukla Saptami and pays obeisance,” he said. There is a religious belief that if the sun is worshiped properly on the side of Kartik Shukla, then the skin disease will not be contracted. Chhath, which was celebrated in a limited area of ​​the Terai before 2046 BS, has now become national. The government has been giving public leave on the occasion of this festival since 2046 BS.

For the Chhath festival, decorations have been made along the river banks from Guheshwari to the Gaurighat area, Gahanapokhari, Nagarpokhari, Kamalpokhari, Bagmati, Nakhu and Bishnumati. In Kamalpokhari, Chhath will be managed by Kathmandu Metropolitan City this year. Bratalu (one’s who taking fast) of Chhath has been living clean from Kartik Shukla Chaturthi by eating clean food. Some Bartalu, on the day after the Kojagrat full moon, i.e. Kartik Krishna Pratipada, do not eat garlic, onion and other food and eat pure, that is, fresh food.