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Cow, bull, Govardhan and Hali Puja [Photos]

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KATHMANDU: NOV. 5 – Today, the fourth day of Yamapanchak, the festival, is being celebrated by worshiping cows, oxen and Govardhan. This day is also called Hali Tihar as the plow of oxen is also worshiped.

There is a religious belief that cow worshiping has a tradition of worshiping cows in the belief that they get love from cows as well as from their mothers. Nowadays, even the oxen that are plowed to do agricultural work all year round are worshiped and given sweet food.

Nowadays, deusi is also played at home in the evening saying ‘Deu Shubh’. Experts say that Deusi Re is a corruption of Deu Shubh.

The helpless cow and calf protection campaign in Gothatar has been providing protection to stray cows and calves since 2075 BS. Uttam Pudasaini informed that more than 100 cows and calves are being protected in the cowshed at present.


Photos: – In Gothatar, helpless cows and calves are taken in the worship campaign.