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Laxmi Puja being observed today

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KATHMANDU: NOV. 4 – This evening, on the third day of Yamapanchak, the festival of Goddess Laxmi is being celebrated with reverence and devotion.

It is believed that Laxmi lives in a clean and tidy house. On this basis, Laxmi is invited to clean the house this morning and cover it with cow dung and red soil and celebrate Diwali. Today, Diwali is celebrated by cleaning windows, doors, roofs, rooms, entrances, balconies, attics and stairwells. This festival is also called Deepamalika.

The night of Kartik Krishna Aunsi where Laxmi is worshiped is also called Sukharatri. It is also one of the four major nights celebrated throughout the year. For Laxmi worship this evening, from the courtyard through the main door to the worship room where Laxmi is established and covered with cow dung and red soil, rice flour and Abir are shown the way to Laxmi by making Laxmi’s footsteps.

Lamps are made by lighting lamps on banana stalks or clay pots step by step. Nowadays, the practice of lighting candles in place of lamps is also on the rise. According to Prof. Dr. Ram Chandra Gautam, a theologian, it is a Vedic tradition to light a lamp with oil. After Diwali, Laxmi is worshiped in the worship room.

After Laxmi Puja, it is customary to worship the virgin girl and daughter as a symbol of Laxmi and give them Dakshina. Today, after worshiping Laxmi at home, there is a religious belief that Laxmi goes out if she sends money or other things out of the house.

According to the theologian Gautam, there is a classical method of worshiping Laxmi in the evening and in the middle of the night, the women of the house wish Alaxmi to run away and Laxmi and Dhanadhanya to arrive.

This evening, young women play Bhailo in groups from house to house. Lord Vishnu had given the gift of ruling the five worlds of heaven, earth and hell to Baliraja for five days of Yamapanchaka. Bhailo is played in remembrance of the gifted Baliraja who used to sing from house to house for good. He also said that the word ‘be good’ has been corrupted in time.

Today, those who come to play Bhailo are given paddy, rice, flowers, money and bread. There is a religious belief that the gift given to those who come to play Bhailo is the gift of Kartik and if not given, it will not be good and if given, virtue will be obtained. On the occasion of Laxmi Pooja, Diwali is celebrated in the city bazar today. According to the total tradition, there is even a practice of worshiping a cow this morning.