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How to manage stress?

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KATHMANDU: OCT. 26 – Scientists have found that painting helps to reduce stress. It has been made public that this work will be very helpful for the children to make them happy.

In addition, these stress management options can be useful:

Making friends with animals and spending time

It is not surprising that even animals can make people happy. Humans are very attached to animals. Likewise, animals love humans unconditionally. Pets enjoy being with people ‚and are very nice.

Spending quality time with animals helps manage stress. If you don’t have a pet at home, you can volunteer to work at a pet place.

Read a book

Reading a book brings peace of mind. Just like painting a picture, reading a book makes a person focus on that moment. You can read a book to get rid of other stressors.

Massage the earlobe

It may seem strange that massaging the earlobe gives a feeling of peace and happiness to the body. After doing this for a few minutes, you gradually feel relaxed.

Keep the body moving

The body should be kept moving. For this, you can step on your favorite dance. If you sing and dance to your favorite song, it also acts as a kind of therapy. And this work gradually develops as an exercise.

-Mayo Clinic