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Do not understand these symptoms of breast cancer as normal

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KATHMANDU: OCT. 25 – Most of people whenever they hear about a disease, they think that this disease cannot happen to them. One of the facts of diseases is that disease can happen to anyone. For example, one way to prevent breast cancer is to be aware of it. Before getting breast cancer, there are some such symptoms, which are very important to pay attention to.

Changes in breast texture

The surrounding area of ​​the breast may look different than normal skin. The skin on your breasts may appear scaly around the nipples and areola, and it may also appear thick in some areas. Even eczema and dermatitis in the breasts can be a sign of a rare type of breast cancer.

Get liquid from the nipple

During breastfeeding is to get the liquid from the nipple normal but if the yellow nipple in breast cancer, the liquid discharge green or red. You should immediately consult a doctor if any kind of liquid comes out.

Pain or itching

Not painful in breast cancer, but its symptoms vary from woman to woman. If you start having problems with breast pain or itching, then you should consult a doctor. Changes in the breast cause pain that often increases sensitivity in the breast, as well as can cause pain and discomfort.

Swelling or redness in the breast

If you have not hurt in or around the breast and the breast and the surrounding area are red, then you should be careful. In such a situation, your skin may appear red, purple or blue.